Do you know a program for mouse strokes?

In Windows I used mouse strokes with the right mouse button for countless functions. Most used was window minimizing/maximizing. I used first StrokeIt, then
On I did not find an alternative for Linux.

Do you know anything?

I'm not sure this will help, but did you take a look at the gestures in settings? I'd love to be more detailed where to look, but I don't use gnome (on cinnamon and it isn't offered in this DE). But it may give you an alternative if it works with the mouse.

I use z16 Core with Gnome, but I didn't find anything

I use XFCE desktop. I can "roll up" a window, roll it down or Minimize and Maximize using the Mouse Wheel.

It may be that some functions like you miss do exist, but it is a matter of finding the right function. For example, you would right click and drag, whereas I would click and mouse wheel up or down.

The downside is training your fingers new movements. :wink: But this may also be an angle to look at.

Due to my RSI problem, I stopped using mouse some years ago.
I now exclusively use touch pad. I checked the mouse settings in Zorin 16 but I could only see the very basic settings.

For trackpad, there is this Touche app to set all custom movements.

I wonder if there is such thing exist in Gnome extension for mouse.

These are the Gnome extensions that I found in regards to gestures. I am not sure if any of them will be useful to you, but I hope that you could use one of these none the less.

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I disabled my trackpad because for some reason it broke and it keep registering clicks randomly

The trackpad on my workstation computer is absolutely useless. There is no smooth movement with the curser at all when I use the trackpad. But it was a value machine bought nearly 10-years ago, so what ya gonna do right?

As you would expect Kedric, the trackpad on my MSI machine, smooth as glass, and oh so nice. But, for 3000 it better! lol I still use an external mouse anyways, I prefer them over trackpads regardless.

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I only have an experience with 2 different makes of trackpad.
Apple Magic Trackpad (version 1) and Logitech T650.
Both are no longer in production.

If I give Apple Magic Trackpad 100 point, T650 is about 85 point for the smoothness of movement.

Built in trackpad is another kettle of fish.
It is next to impossible to replace - unlike a stand alone trackpad.

Unfortunately due to my RSI, mouse is no longer my option :frowning:


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