Dock doesn't show up

Hi guys, i just switched from ubuntu 20.04 to zorin 16 core.
I'm using the gnome appearance, and i noticed that when i hover to the left with the track pad cursor to reveal the dock, as im used to in ubuntu. It doesn't show the Dock which is rather frustrating. is there any way to show it?

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Click on the Zorin :zorin: logo at the bottom left if the screen.

Now click on Zorin Appearance.

Now choose the layout which places the dock on the left side of the screen.

Adjusting the settings for the DOCK can be found in the SETTINGS menu. You can also adjust the same settings for the DOCK in the Extensions APP.

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hello, thanks for your quick response i tried what you suggested but i doesn't seem to find a dock settings in settings menu

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I'm sorry, Zorin Dash is what Zorin calls its DOCK. I know, very confusing, but it is what it is. New screenshot to help you!


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