Docker Login Not Working on ZorinOS

The docker login is not working on ZorinOS 16. I run the command:

sudo docker login -u MyUsername

Then, I enter the password, and I receive a message that the login was successful. However, after restarting the Docker Engine, I lose the login.

I need the Docker login to remain stored on ZorinOS so that I can register the K8S Cluster with:

az acr login -n regmcbr

This way, I can't connect to the Lens IDE to fetch the logs from my PODs.

When you login you should also see a message indicating where your credentials are being stored, ~/.docker/config.json by default. As long as that file is not deleted you can simply run docker login and it will automatically reestablish your session. Although it shouldn't be needed after restarting the service or even the machine entirely. Unless you are using one of the credential helper methods as described in the documentation.

Maybe you want to use an access token instead.

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