Does Privacy Exist?

Conspiracy Theory was actually 'invented' phrase by the C.I.A. and yes Conspiracy does exist, more in the US but not confined to it:

fightingmonarch dot com

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So short conclusion we cannot hide our privacy if you don't cut a internet cable. Stop using a moblie,laptops,smartwatch,pc what have inside some electronic to your position gps and gyroskop or something more.
Start to back reading books and listening vinyl plate :slight_smile:

I edited the above post:
I removed the click-ability of the link but left the gist that others can follow.

The website description claims it is
"A Resistance Site For Survivors of CIA, NSA, Tavistock, and Illuminati Mind Control"

Let's not derail the thread with claims that the illuminati are a thing.

Instead, beware the Inebriati.


How am I suppose to ever fall sleep again knowing this secret society exists?

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By drinking exactly 1.8 drinks.


Right some days ago I asked Google Bard to propose me some websites for forecasting and estimating online purchases delivery prices and on TV right the day after I see an ad right about this service.
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Now, ask Google Bard whenever you need something that you were unable to find or really desire and there's a good chance that you'll see an option on TV in a time between the day after and… well, whatever it is, I'm not an advertising expert :rofl:.
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We should sabotage those recommendation systems by reading out loud a list of catchy phrases of random products every day.


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If I were to offer a different opinion it would be that what I feel is needed is an attitude adjustment.

  1. is the internet an 'open book'? YES! So one must decide to use it or not and 'how' to use it to maximum one's personal comfort.

  2. Can net surfers and those interested in data mining exist? For sure they do. Again being as in control of what a person places 'on'line is probably the only solution to retaining privacy.

  3. Is being a parasite/leach admirable? NO, but unfortunately the internet provides quite a bit of anonymity to those that know and can create that for themselves but negates that option for users.

In today's human world concepts like trust and respect (for privacy of others) are NOT as honored as those have been in the past. I would venture to say this has much to do because of more people being near and close to each other. A person can not turn their seeing or hearing 'off' when others near do what they do that the observer can't avoid taking note of!

I have struggled to learn and develop respect - which is indeed a 2-way street! - for myself and others. However the sheer numbers of people who do NOT do this overwhelm the few who endeavor to practice such habits.

That which isn't appropriate does not last. The question is - how long must the 'bad' reign over the 'good' before a reset takes place?

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The internet what I know before and what is exist now isn' the same. I also don't believed all that media social what they talking.
The one what i know they want a control people on internet. Americans president sayed that long time ago and not only one.