Does Z16 go to sleep or suspend on AC power?

Does Z16 go to sleep or suspense on AC power? If so how to disable it?

Thx in adv.

Yes, sleep and suspend are low power idle modes and available as options from the App Menu - if you wish to shut down power, you can use Shut Down or enable and use Hibernate.

VNC Server is running as a service. After a while being on the lock screen I can't connect any more until I have someone sign in. Not sure if PC or WiFi are going to sleep/low power. I don't have any power save options turned On.

Probably network manager is going idle, but not sure on this.
Do I understand you want to prevent that?

Yes, I do want to prevent Laptop from going to sleep in any way.

I understand that this appears to only affect Lid Switch, but that setting governs more than just Closing The lid. Can you please disable it?

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