Does Zorin Pro now offer upgrade path from one release to another?

Does Zorin Pro now offer an upgrade path from one release to another?

I know this has been worked on for quite sometime. Is there now an upgrade path from release to release?

The Direct Upgrade option is in development (it was set on hiatus for a time but the project is in full swing, now) and as of 11 Dec 2021, not yet released.


Thanks, Aravisian,

Does this mean that it's inevitable? In place before Zorin Pro OS 17 Lite is released?

Zorin Pro OS 16 Lite just got released a few days ago. Between 16 and 17 i am pretty sure the Zorin brothers rolled out a update that makes upgrading available. But for now like Aravisian said it's not yet released.


I struggle with inevitability. The universe is a complex place.
However, the ZorinGroup has voiced that the Direct Upgrade path is currently their Highest Priority.
I am very curious as to what they come up with.
I have used the Direct Upgrade feature on Ubuntu and it is exceptionally slow, often breaks things and is tedious.

And a fresh installation offers a Fresh Start. There are a lot of good reasons to not use a Direct Upgrade.
But there are also good reasons to use it.

I suspect that when the ZorinGroup releases this feature... they are going to blow my fears away and I will probably end up promoting the thing...

How many posts are there currently concerning this subject? Could we help the Mods who help for ourselves researching the forum for answers before posting a repetitive question?


We could do that. Or, we could finally receive a definitive answer from this great team of developers on when the upgrade in-place option will become available and which version it will be available with.

In terms of supporting the team, I have done that as a Pro member and have no problem continuing to do that. However, some of us need to make a decision on placing this OS, or not, on loved one's machines that may not care to or have the knowledge to do a clean install every time a new version is released. So, yes, in-place upgrades are important when comparing two great OS's like Zorin and Pop for example and which to install on someone's machine with limited Linux knowledge. Pop, easy in-place upgrade. Zorin, not so much, yet.

Thanks, developers, you guys are amazing and your work is appreciated.

I have worked in various fields in which a Completion Date is desired. I need not name these fields, since I think most people working most fields can relate to this. On the administrative, gaming or programming side, this is referred to as a deadline - often set by someone else with neither care nor concern for how well it aligns to reality.
Fortunately, I have usually been in charge, so I set my own deadlines.

ZorinGroup is also in charge of themselves and set their own in-house.

What I learned from this:

  • Setting a completion date and meeting that completion date aren't exactly similar. Or always contained within the same universal laws, even. A great many changes or factors can alter a completion date drastically.

Because of this, some prefer to avoid making a date that they feel will only cause issues if not met as expected. The ZorinGroup follows a "Release when ready" policy, rather than a strict deadline.

  • Customers (or OS users) expect a completion or release date whether you have one or not. They have things to consider, other things to schedule, other deadlines to meet of their own. As humans are generally driven by self-interest, customers are unlikely to accept a lack of a date when they need one. They are more likely to be forgiving of a shifted date than they are of no date, at all.

It is true that some people will complain about a moved date. "You said this would be released by Oct 17th!" However, these same people will find another way to do so if no date is provided: "You have been hinting at development of this for over a year, now. Where is it?" So, in reality, avoiding a release date does very little to calm those waiting.

As a team of Two Developers working on Zorin OS, the ZorinGroup has accomplished a surprisingly vast development. Core, Lite, Pro, Education and all variants - plus working on Zorin Grid and the Direct Upgrade. I can imagine sticking to a release schedule would be very difficult.
I agree with you, jmartin... Something to go on is better than nothing.
But currently, it is a matter of working together to withstand the waiting...

I completely understand and thank you for the response.

Once again, huge fan of your work and your project and look forward to continuing to support it in the future. I look forward to the in-place upgrade and when it's finally in place because I am sure that it will be done perfectly as it seems is the pattern with all new feature roll out's from Zorin.

Thanks, again, and Happy New Year!

Not my work - I am a mere user and member of the forum. And as you can see above, as one, I disagree with the ZorinGroups stance on this issue.
Having a roadmap and having updated Timelines allows users to feel confident that Zorin OS is a longterm stable project with future viability.

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As I read this, it seems to me: if we don’t receive an answer from the devs we will not help the mods by researching the forum.

I’m hoping that wasn’t your intent. But that’s how it reads.

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