Doubt on update zorin 16 stable release

i have a doubt
I installed zorin 16 beta last week ... I found its good ,
I want to know that

can i update it to stable release ? When it will be released?

Because , i installed all things for my work and for studies and i don't want to do it again ...

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Yes. In the near future when you hit the update button the beta will become stable release.


ouh, thanks

Reflecting on what @Storm has said. When we had Z15 Core Beta way back, we were able to udate that beta verion to Z15 Core production version via Software Updater. No need to re-install or reconfigure. Note this applies to just the Core flavour of ZorinOS.

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I am planning to purchase a Premium version when it is released. Do I have to install it from scratch? :thinking:
If that is the case, I'd better refrain from too much customization of the current beta version.

If you mean "Ultimate" then I think you will have to do a fresh install of Zorin 16 Ultimate, even though the non-Lite flavour of Ultimate uses Gnome DE like Core, it has "extras".

If you mean "Ultimate"
Oops, I made mistake - a time for another Espresso :coffee:

you will have to do a fresh install of Zorin 16 Ultimate
Any way, thanks for this info. At least I can spare myself for doing customization twice.

Unless you want the additional screen layouts etc from Zorin Ultimate editition, you could create your own Personal Ultimate experience using Core as the base. It sounds like that is what you are creating anyway. It is always good to make notes of customised settings and installed apps so you can recreate after a fresh install. Sometimes that is required.
If you just wanted to purchare Ultimate to reward the devs for their fine work then there is now an alternative way to donate on the Zorin website.

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Though again, there's something special to flash that you bought the ultimate Edition, but that's just me :stuck_out_tongue:
I myself going to get the ultimate edition of 16 and do a fresh install, but I can do all the settings, apps, commands etc. in my head - a blessing and a curse :smiley:

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You are absolutely right about that point :exclamation:
I have one USB key dedicated for notes and installers related to setup and configuration. But now I think I should also add a list of customization I made as well.

Great thing about Zorin is that it is almost perfect aesthetically and functionally without much customization :heart:

Hi Storm,
you must be one of those talented people who have a "photographic memory". I envy you!
Being a mere mortal with feeble memory, I will follow the advice of zabadabadoo and make a list before re-installation.

You are not alone!
I am also getting a feeling of something special about purchasing Zorin. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction which is very different from just making a donation which I have been doing for several open source projects.

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This is great news, I have been testing the beta exclusively from a Live USB bc I wasn't sure if that was going to be the case. Would it be fair to assume that the update you mention comes at the same time the stable is released?

Did you have to wait for this update or did it come alongside the stable release?

Oh boy, I will some installing to do this weekend!

Presumably, though the beta testers properly get it earlier (as download), before the new .iso hits the server(s).

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That was some time ago to remember. I think the Beta just updated continuously into what was then announced and released as the production version.

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Sweet, I will get my machine ready then.

Hopefully by now the Beta has most of its issues fixed and is good enough for daily use. Last when I tested it, it was very smooth, but there some minor bugs here and there.

I can guarantee you that it would be a smooth sail. I have been using it for some time on my production machine and never had a single major issue :slight_smile:
It is the most stable beta version I've ever used!

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Same here. But again I handpick my hardware that are 100% linux compatible/supported.

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Some years ago, when I built my main desktop, I optimized it for OSX - I wanted to create a upgradable/repairable mac. The most tricky par was to select graphics card and wireless modul compatible with OSX.

Now I came back to Linux, I noticed that the same thing apply for Linux. Graphics card and network module are legendary Achilles's heal.

While I can easily open up a desktop chassis or even a laptop to swap the parts, I understand that it is not for everyone - well, at least not for my husband :wink:

Don't forget the sound card. We see many problems with sound. I am somewhat glad I am not the only one who has had those issues personally, but would be good if they were non-existent, or at least responded to logical diagnosis and not a referral to mystic meg (or the lump hammer).

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You are absolutely right. I totally forgot about sound card.

In fact, I gave up using internal sound card years ago and resorting to USB DAC just to avoid driver issue for both OSX and Linux. Low end USB DAC is less than 2 Euro - not a bad expense to avoid sound card issue.

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