Doubts installing an additional OS

I'd like to install even Drauger OS (NOT to replace Zorin OS) but reading I don't feel so sure it's safe, under WARNING I read (copied and pasted)

Installing Drauger OS on your system may delete or corrupt all existing data on your hard drive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

and then under Installation (always copied and pasted)

Please note that installing Drauger OS may completely wipe your internal drive.

, but does it intends doing the installation procedure wrong or that can simply happen?

I think it's basically covering their bases for errors made by its users. If you don't know what each step does there's a risk to mess up and by it they say they can't be responsible for your fault.


Ok, so the installation procedure itself isn't dangerous (assuming that you know what you have to do), it's only the user that can delete the installed OS instead of adding one new, right? That's it? Because if Drauger OS installation can delete my Zorin just by chance I won't ever start it. I just need to create those partitions, I have to read how to do this :page_facing_up::face_with_monocle:.

Remember. Backups are better than a thousand hammers.


Exactly, yes.
@Storm is right on by saying the developer warning is covering the developer from user made mistakes.

When you run the Zorin OS Installer, you reach a window that asks if you want to install alongside or install to the entire harddrive.
The option to install to the hard drive contains a very visible warning that it will wipe and remove all data on the drive. This does not mean that installing Zorin OS is dangerous. It means that the user needs to be fully aware of what they are doing.

I have not looked into Drauger before. But your link has piqued my interest.
I'd like to try it out (So, I probably will).
But if you have reservations, I recommend trying it in a Virtual Environment or on another machine or another hard drive than your Zorin Install First.
Get some practice in - familiarize yourself.
If the warning says, "Know what you are doing" - then, become that person, thereby regaining your confidence and being supportive.


As said, I have just tried out DraugerOS and...
I like it so far. I did not give it very extensive testing and will do so again later.
There are some things I definitely would add and things I would remove. That is the beauty of Linux.
But I do see it could use more testing.
I wish that Drauger was more open and easy to find on their Documentation, though.

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Sorry, I forgot this, do I have to set somewhere to be asked which OS run between Zorin and Drauger or it's a default function?

Are you referring to the grub menu?

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Yes, I think it's that, because I'd like to be asked which OS run after the laptop is on, maybe automatically rather that always accessing BIOS/UEFI settings to choose it, if possible of course.

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Then ctrl+x to exit the editor, yto say yes,enterto save current configuration. You *must* then runsudo update-grub`

I recommend ensuring this is done on both Installed Distros.

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