Download link request no response

I have paid for download link a while ago.
Lost the email with download link.
Re-submitted to download again, several times from ZORIN home page.
Contacted support, including transaction and purchase details
Waited 24 hours
I still have nothing.
No errors or wrong email address notifications
Paid for version 16 whatever.

No response what so ever from ZORIN Home page support

What is required to do next ?


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Have you checked your email "Spam" and "Deleted" folders for the Zorin email?
Not much us users can do, only tag the devs for you. @AZorin @zorink


Now that the good @zabadabadoo has pinged the devs, the only thing you can do is waiting

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The ZorinGroup consists of two people and they must go to bed at some point. They are based from 0 hours Greenwich Mean Time.

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I am on GMT +2 and it still isn't bedtime :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What time is it in your timezone, @Aravisian ? Here 20:26

-6 hours GMT

We originally replied to your email about the Zorin OS 16 Pro download link around 2 hours before you posted this thread on the forum.

In case you accidentally deleted our reply, we've just now sent you another email with your download link to the email address linked to your account on this forum.

If you're still unable to find our email, please search for "Zorin OS" in your inbox and check every mail folder.


Nothing has come through to download link.
Have checked all folders, nothing.

Thanks for all replies

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Time Zone is Central Australia

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I've just now sent you a private message on the forum with your download link for Zorin OS 16 Pro.

You should be able to open it from the user menu (with your profile picture) in the top-right corner of this forum.


I know this has been marked as solved, just wanted to add

Check your blacklist / spam filter settings it sounds like the email is being blocked by your provider either by a rule you accidentally set or by the providers rules. Depending on the email client or mobile device used this can done easily and mistakenly with right-click or wrong swipe gesture (saw this thousands of times in my 15 years working on help desks for corporations).

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