Downloaded Zorin 16


Just looking for some help in installing Zorin 16 to my computer. I downloaded Zorin 16 to my drive and moved it over to a USB.

I want to boot from it but have found it does not work. From memory
i need to have bootstrap codes. Where do i get these from and how do i get them onto my USB with the Zorin 16?

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I'm not clear what you meant by "downloaded Zorin 16 to my drive and moved it over to a USB", but it sounds like you missed a step. It is not enough to copy the ISO file to a USB drive. The USB has to be made "bootable" using Etcher, Rufus or another tool used for that purpose.

If you did use Etcher, Rufus or another tool to make the USB "bootable", then go into your computer's BIOS (usually by clicking F2 during the boot process, but the key might be different depending on the make of your computer) and turn off "Secure Boot". That is often an issue that blocks a "bootable" USB from booting.


What i mean is that i went to the Zorin website and clicked on 'download Zorin 16' and then waited an hour for the download, then moved the finished file over to my 16GB thumb drive with the mouse pointer.

I did not use any tools to make the USB bootable. I simply restarted the computer and then clicked on F8 to enter bios. I then told my computer to boot into USB as a matter of priority.

Please let me know what i need to do.

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The ISO image when properly written onto a usb drive, may function as an operating system when used as a boot device. Simply moving an .iso file onto a storage medium is not the same as installing/setting up a bootable device. You really must use a tool like Rufus to properly install the iso image onto the usb for a boot up.

So i open Rufus and use it to edit the existing iso image on the USB OR do i need to download Zorin 16 again and then direct its instal directly onto the USB?

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Open / Run Rufus and direct Rufus to use the ISO you already downloaed. Rufus (and other etchers) come with prompts to help guide you through the process, as well.

Rufus is just a EXE file

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Can you guys see the problem no way to run Rufus. ?

I am running Zorin

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Is Etcher compatible with Zorin 12?

My goal is to upgrade from Zorin 12 to Zorin 16

Oh. I thought you were on Windows trying to install Zorin OS.
Rufus is for windows.
You can use Unetbootin or Multiboot-usb on Linux. Or USB creator which comes with many distros.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gezakovacs/ppa

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unetbootin

thanks for the Zorin sudo lines managed to get Unetbootin up and going. just working out what to do next.

Ok on the Lower Portion of the window, you see "DiskImage" - select that.
The ellipses (Three dots) on the button on the far right is next - click that and navigate to Computer /home/$USER/Downloads/ the zorin.iso file
Ensure that Drive /dev/sdb is correct...
Then click "OK" to proceed

Think im on the right track.....

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Its stopped at 75%

It can take some time. Don't worry. A lot of files to copy.

I put downloads/Zorin-OS-16-Core-64-bit.iso it seems to be working

So is this done now? I should be able to reboot into Zorin16 instal?

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Once you confirm with me i will reboot and see if i can install Zorin 16