Downloading and Updating error

Dear Sir,

I am from Myanmar. I installed zoron os today. And, our country have internet connection problem. When I go to store error codes are coming. I would like you to check my error code under the following. And, could you suggest me what should I do that error. I couldn't confirm error because I am a beginner on zoron os. Please help me and please suggest me what should I do for that.

Error1••Unable to download updates from "": r**/source/shell-extensions/*] failed to download https:// Cannot connect to destination

Error2••Unable to download firmware updates from "fwupd": ["/cabinet//source/fwupd/] failed to download firmware.xml.gz.asc: Connection terminated unexpectedly

Error3••Unable to download updates from "": [///source/odrs/*] failed to download ratings: Cannot connect to destination

Please help me, Sir


Hello, try change server for the repositories. Open the terminal and copy/paste;

/usr/bin/software-properties-gtk --open-tab=0

Then change Downloaded from: [choose another country]