Downloading zorin ultimate

have zorin os core loaded now and I’m trying to install ultimate. At the restore disk image window after I hit the start restore tab I get error unmounting filesystem, error unmounting /dev/sda2: target is busy (udisks-error-quark, 14

Hi, case.
I’m not familiar with the ‘restore image’ option. Can you post a pic?
Please see: Can we migrate from core to ultimate?
To install Ultimate you have to do new install.

I’m downloading from the email that zorin sent after they received payment

I see now. You used the Disks application and clicked the button with the 3 little dots. That won’t help with the install. Once you’ve downloaded Ultimate from the emailed link, you have to install it the same way as you installed Core.

To install, once you have the Ultimate image on your machine, you can use Unetbootin (my preference), Rufus, BalenaEtcher to create either a DVD or USB that you can use to boot. When you boot with those devices, your Ultimate installation will start. If you want to retain your home folder, simply do not format it and it will be available as a mountable partition when your Ultimate is installed. But I recommend backing up your data rather than using this alternative - I found it inefficient to keep mounting to access my old home folder.

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Thank you, I will give that a try. I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to computers.

No worries. That’s why this forum is here. If you have any questions on any part of the setup, just ask.
Also, I recommend seeing: USB boot install and Partitioning during installation before you start your installation.

up and running! I want thank you again for your help. It was simple for you but a road block for me. Thanks again and have a nice holiday season

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