Drag a file into application in the taskbar

It is possible drag a file into an open application in the taskbar to open it?

For example drag a .txt file to sublime icon to open the file, or an .html file to firefox icon.


I just tested this in Zorin 16 Core (Gnome desktop) by creating a text file on the desktop - it did not work. I do not have XFCE desktop version at the moment. I wonder if @Aravisian could answer your question.

I changed the title of this thread for the clarification.

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Yes, it does work on XFCE4 panel. I hit Like on the O.P.'s post because it is a very good question for Gnome - or a good suggestion for Gnome.


Thanks for confirming this.
Yet one more proof how versatile XFCE is compared with GNOME.