Drive and directory accessibility

I have some difficulties regarding drives and directories.
First thing is, that "ls -a" shows only some (27) of the 30+ files in one of my directories. What could be wrong?
Second is an issue I encountered working with compression-programs (GUI), but it might be a general mistake I make: I can't change the drive. If I enter the mountpoint-directory (/media) it's empty in the GUI-window. If I enter /media via terminal, I can proceed normally.

As I am a newbie, I guess, the fault is mine. Can anyone help?

In some cases, an application doesn't have access to all files (for good reason!)

This only applies to apps installed via Flatpak / From Flathub in the Software Center, so be sure to check if you've installed the app you're having issues with from there. If so, you can use Flatseal to give it permission to access /media or any other directory

Those two apps were installed via Snap...

Some Snaps also have sandboxing, but usually this doesn't disallow access to /media mounts :thinking:

I think I'll have to do some research myself, gimme a bit of time :)

@Setjhaba aha! Turns out Snap does have permission settings for removable media.

As per the documentation and this forum post you can run the following to grant access (temporarily? :thinking:) to /media, /mnt, /run/media and other related directories:

snap connect chromium:removable-media

Just replace "chromium" with the snap that is causing issues (at least, I would assume that is how it works)

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Thank you very much.
How do I get the "real name" of my app. It's obviously not "7zip Desktop"...

I believe snap list shows a list of installed snaps, one of which should have something along the lines of 7zip or p7zip

(at least, that's what I assume it should be named)

By the way, the built-in archive manager can do basically all of the same file formats that 7zip can with very little exceptions :upside_down_face:

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