Dual boot W10 died

Hello. I have installation on two diffrents hard disk. My grub was recognize both operating system Zorin and W10. After format Zorin the W10 not booting.
The screen talking about missing EFI/Microsoft/boot/bcd
I tried repairing from installation W10 with bootrec /fixmbr etc. Access denied with fixboot. Tryumf finding solution on website without success. Anyone have some idea?

Sounds like you botched the Win boot and Grub at the same time with the format lol

Boot-Repair - Community Help Wiki <-- Give that a try from your Zorin install or from a live USB. You may also need to run the Win boot repair from the installer too, though..

fixmbr is for MBR (Master Boot Record)or Legacy.
But EFI/Microsoft/boot/bcd shows that Windows may have been using EFI boot.

You will need a copy of Win10 on a bootable Live Media to install the Boot file.

This i tried don't helped.

I shrink w10 partition created a partition EFI 350 MB formatted trying creating UEFI but without success.
Tried that instruction.

Propably my uefi partition was on another hard disk.

Have you tried running Gparted and check the disks for EFI partition? Also have you checked the settings in the BIOS in respect of Boot Parameters?
You could see if Neosmart Software EasyBCD (the free one) might help?

This i tried and working perfectly.
On my hard disk not exist partition EFI.

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