Easy Effects Not Opening in Zorin Pro 16.3


I installed " Easy Effects" via Flathub (Software app).

But when I click the icon to launch it, the mouse pointer just shows loading and ends. Nothing happened after that.

Is there a way to open the controller? Is there a fix?

My audio output is very poor. My soundbar is Dolby Atmos, and on Windows 11, Doby Atomos was working fine.


When I checked the System Monitor, I could see that the easyeffects process is running! Then why is the UI not opening?

Can you please run in terminal

sudo apt install xdg-desktop-portal

reboot and test the Flatpak Application.

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Seems it's already installed and the latest version.

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Seems the same issue discussing here: Easy Effects does not launch on Manjaro · Issue #2260 · wwmm/easyeffects · GitHub

What do you think about the last response?

Replacing Pulse with PipeWire fixes this for me, thanks both!

I think very hard to achieve replacement!

It does seem to be a series of steps...:

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