Edit: 3 Conkys I wrote + Download links (more to come)

I've coded a few Conkys (which started off as just a project for my own use), but after some kind encouragement ( cough: @Aravisian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) I've uploaded them to DeviantArt to share with everyone.

PeekAboo-media (Universal Media Display including Spotify & YouTube!)

Works with the official Spotify app, and nearly all media players and web browsers too! Works "out-of-the-box". Just install the widget and the dependencies. No need to set up your player. It will "find" any media playing. If cover art is not available, a shiny icon displays in it's place.

So far have tested it on:
Official Spotify app
FreeTube app
Brave Browser ie: spotify, youtube, rumble, etc.
FireFox ie: spotify, youtube, rumble, etc.

Read the full description and download from DeviantArt

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Astrology for all 12 signs

Get your daily horoscope on your desktop. Simple set-up. Just select your sun sign and the conky widget will take care of the rest. 3 color themes provided.

3 icon sets - gold, white and black
All fonts

Full description and download link on DeviantArt:

The horoscope widget is girly, I know. But hey, at least it's unique, lol!


Does not matter, i looks good :kissing_closed_eyes:


It is also quite easy to change color and font style.


Thanks @Michel . Appreciate that!

True, but I was meaning more that the horoscope widget was girly, lol. The majority here are male, usually seeking HUD style Conkys.... which I may have to write just for the heck of it.

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Very nice, I like it!

Is is possible to have conky setup to show up in the lock screen? I find that I don't really see the desktop that much, but it would be nice to have it displayed when I lock my computer for example.

NEW #3

Moon_Mini Conky

A small conky widget which displays the current moon phase. Great as a stand alone or as an addition to other Conkys like a HUD.

This is a fork of MoonGiant by unklar (with corrections to Hemisphere function & limiting content scraping)

This conky is coded to only retrieve "today's moon phase" once per day. It also only checks the current date on each refresh interval run. That means it will not suck CPU and won't flicker. It will only run the full script once per day to update content from online. So, it's perfect for adding to other Conkys.

  • Has setting options to select your hemisphere, north or south.
  • Moon images are included with the widget.
  • Set to "scrape" Moongiant.com only ONCE per day and collects minimal information.
  • Full script only runs ONCE per day, other wise it only checks the date on refresh intervals.
  • Fonts included.

Full details and download on DeviantArt

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Thanks! Glad you like it.

If you have Conky questions pls start a new thread. I'll be more than happy to see if I can help. :grinning: Be sure to tag me in it tho so I don't miss it.

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