ELAN 04f3:0c00 failed to Enroll

Hmmm... absolutely no ttyUSB devices..

What is in the /dev/bus/ - that should have some folders labeled 001 and more, sequentially. Since your lsusb output is showing Bus 001 Device 003, you may be able to start accessing it, just to try, with sudo chmod 600 /dev/bus/001/003 and then trying to use the finger print scanner again. IF that works - I'll need another brain or more research how to make the change permanent across reboots and shutdowns.. But, that's what I was having to do with sudo chmod 600 /dev/ttyUSB0 for an OBDII adapter I have, after getting other things figured out for it, and before adding myself to the dialout group..

If that doesn't work (chmod 600), a reboot should revert the change - unless I'm wrong.. The reboot reverted my ttyUSB0 change.. Someone absolutely chime in if I am wrong..