Elementary 8 unstable build

As a monthly pay to this project I get access to daily builds of the upcoming of eOS8. It's forming nicely, but it's nothing you can use other than testing stuff for now. A lot of improvement are already implemented since eOS7. Don't mind the floating dock on the screen, it's a bug.

For a bug it doesn't look bad, haha!

Elementary is one of those distributions that I want to like... but it just has something that makes it... ugh. I remember struggling with the default keyboard shortcuts, they are completely different than anything else I've seen, particularly the Super key.


My elementary OS 7.1 Desktop

You mean this:

They are configurable.

Yes, that's the one. Is not a big deal, I know, but I just don't like that the super key is mapped like this and not something far more common like searching or an app menu. Having to spend time trying to work around this makes me wonder where else will I have to do the same thing.