Email managers in zorin

a general question to all forum members?
I am looking for a email manager that i can trust with various email accounts.
Any ideas.

The common ones are Mailspring, Thunderbird and Evolution.
Zorin OS used to come with Geary preinstalled.

There is Kmail - a KDE desktop email manager... But installing this Includes KDE Connect. For Zorin OS Lite users, this is fine. But for Zorin OS Core users, this may conflict with Zorin-Connect. Anyone exploring that option may need to sort that out.

Thanks Aravisian
I will give Mailspring a try. Iooked at bluemail, but a little concerned it was Proprietary

Had a look at mailspring review and I think I will start moving my personal accounts to Evolution - it was great for work. I see that mailspring is limited to 4 mail accounts only - any more than that (I only have 4 and hopefully this will soon be reduced to 3) and it costs $8 per month. No such issue with Evolution - though I have not tried setting up a gmail account which is what I am wanting to let go. That said I had to use gmail recently because my address was not accepted - had this on other sites too asking for a valid email address. Now get this, I have a rewards card (Nectar) which recognises my address, but Sainsbury's supermarket store that owns it and Argos (an online/catalogue store) doesn't! Go figure! My 2 protonmail accounts I only use via Tor Browser.

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