Enable the viewing of Reviews in Software Store

Seriously, what is the point of letting people write reviews in the software store if you can’t view them? I want to know what others have said about something. Even Google managed to get this right.

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I opened software and looked for visible reviews after reading this article that states:

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the reviews. There’s a star breakdown and how many people rated it. You can also see full user reviews.

I opened some apps and looked for some. I found this one on the app “Shutter”:

huh. It seems like there’s just not that many reviews. I could have sworn I left a review on one app too it just didn’t show up. Thanks anyway. I thought it was a bug that there was this many reviews without anyone leaving a comment on most of these apps.

edit: Hey by the way, is there a “recents” installed applications anywhere? Practically every modern OS has this when you hit the start menu, but I’m totally not seeing that in the Zorin menu. Is there a way to enable that? Is there no way to sort “Installed” by recent chronological order so I can tell what I just installed?

We are in the same boat on Software reviews, actually. I clearly remember leaving one once that I never saw again.
I never use Software (channel) though… So… -shrug-
Ubuntu’s Software Channel has been a thorn in everyones side for a long time.
Synaptic is much more user friendly and has a lot more power if you want a Good GUI Package manager. If you want, you can install it from terminal with

sudo apt install synaptic

Recents: I am not aware of any Linux Distro that offers that- but, you can run this command in terminal to get your recent installations in Chronological order:

grep " install " /var/log/dpkg.log

You can save the printout if your documents for reference, as noted in the screenshot above.

And here is a guide on Synaptic showing Recent Installations: