English as it should be

Yeah...I have to admin the use of "So" as a lead in has gotten old with me as well. Problem is that when speaking with someone, every sentence in the conversation will start with "So". These individuals are usually poor communicators to start with and often use a lead in to try to gather their thoughts as they start the sentence.


Well.. yeah but...


you got So or uuum, take your pick :rofl:


Well...Like....Yeah; I mean, OMG! Is this not a totally rad convo?!!

But first a good morning to all and a morning break whilst I get my hot tea. :tea: :grin:

You guys and gals are the best. :+1: I was on another linux forum that permitted someone to trounce and trash me so I left. Glad I made the move :luggage: to here.

So...what do you think about RUST, or maybe the overuse of emoji on a post? :thinking:

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I don't actually know much about RUST.

I'm fine with that.

Much of language and human communication falls under Programming.

We are programmed, much in the way computers are. You start out with your Nature Programming, the Base package.
A person jumps out from behind a corner and startles you; Your eyes widen, your mouth opens to emit a yell... Falling back on your programming, you do not think to yourself that you should widen your eyes for better light gathering and visual acuity.

As we develop and learn and grow, our programming is expanded upon by what we are taught. By family, teachers and peers, we learn what manner of communication is acceptable. We avoid others that are not programmed similarly, resulting in confirmation bias and affirmation, validation.

People, when tested in situations that are new and unfamiliar, are often surprised by their behavior when they fall back on programming (base or learned).

When it comes to manner in which people talk, they often fall back on taught buzzwords and phrases. This is problematic when those words or phrases do not mean what they think they mean.
Switching crowds, what got approval in one can get annoyance and disapproval in another.
Like... "bruh".

I really try to not be annoyed by the programming others have been taught. I do not always succeed.


I have pointed out to, and educated many people over the last 20 or so years as to how they are being programmed. I remember when CNN first hit the airwaves and their newscasters repeated, ad nauseam, the same story over and over several hundred times a day.

As I said to folks then, and I still do..."If you hear it 40 times a day, well, it must be true". Only a few understood what I said.

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No, a story is only true if you heard it in the pub. :wink:


I suddenly have found myself very self conscious about using the word "so" now.
Thanks ya jerks.


そうそう。 So-so.


Ha! You have been reprogrammed and guilted!! Fight it man...fight it! :rofl:


Rust isn't support from Microsoft?

With words what comes new in my generation never hearing also slogan. Don't know what they mean. Example " hf gl" now i know but younger generation they have Evolution tounge with new words.

I use 'So' or 'Anywho' intentionally. When someone is talking about something totally irrelevant, speaking utter nonsense that no one wants to hear. They are great to use as a change the topic starter. Example:
Person says, "I think all people should still wear mask everywhere".
Me, "Anywho, I saw this really neat coin trick on youtube, anyone have a quarter?" Nice deflection, eh?
I'll be back on overmorrow....