Enter a valid username?

I got an error message in red saying something about the user must start...

I can't read the hole message because the window is to little.

Which username is possible to use?

Are you able to take a photo of your screen that may illustrate what you are seeing for the rest of us?

It looks like you are trying to install Zorin over an existing system. The migration assistant is trying to move the files over.
Boot the LiveUSB, then instead of selecting the "Install Zorin" icon to launch the installer, open the terminal and run the Ubiquity installer with the migration assistant turned off:

root@root:~# ubiquity --no-migration-assistant

This should allow you to proceed.

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Thanks but I was making a fresh installation.

I fail to see, how you made that conclusion...

I did a new virtual installation by vmware and so far it seems to work.

I have the same problem with ubuntu and zorin, when I am typing your script it says first: root@root:~# command not found.
Then i tried doing sudo ubiquity --no-migration-assistant
and it told me: ubiquity: error: no such option: --no-migration-assistant

Please help me out i feel like im losing my mind here

If the option is not working from the prompt, I would recommend thoroughly wiping and formatting the partition you are installing Zorin OS on prior to running the installation.

everything is wiped at this point, when trying to boot without the usb now it tells me that os is not installed.

It is to be expected that it will say that the OS is not installed if you have not yet installed the OS.
The error described generally happens when Ubiquity is detecting existing files on the partition - which is why I suggested disabling the migration assistant or ensuring the drive or partition is wiped and formatted first.
It may do well to set a new password on a new attempt and it's safe to make something shorter than the one in the screenshot above... I use a 4 digit pin, myself. You will be entering that password a lot...

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