Error in Software catalog : ... SSL handkshake failed

ZORIN 0S 15.3 LITE 64-BITS / USB Live Boot

Hi guys.

The catalog suddenly stopped working, look:



What's happened ?

thanks, regards

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You are not alone in this:

It appears that the Zorin OS Stable Repository occasionally is giving a Bad Certificate failure. Interestingly, it is intermittent.

If you try again after a wait time, the issue may be gone.
But it is recurring, which is why I PM"ed the ZorinGroup in regards to this issue as well as tagging them in the above linked thread.
Sadly, only the Zorins can do anything to address this.

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Do we take this to read ZorinOS 15.3 Lite 64bit USB Live Boot?

Yes , USB live boot

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Augusto, I moved your post into this similar relevant thread for visibility.

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