Error on Zorin menu

On the right side of the Zorin menu, there are choices for Home, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and Videos. If I click on one of those choices I get an error message. For example:

"/home/ed" is a directory. Please check that you typed the location correctly and try again.

I can certainly live without that. I usually just use the file manager. I just wondered what is causing this error.

Thanks, Ed

To better allow us to help you, which version of Zorin did you install? Zorin Core? Zorin Lite? Zorin Education? Zorin Ultimate?

Also, before you burned your USB flash drive with the Zorin ISO, did you first check the SHA256 checksum on the downloaded ISO, to insure integrity?

Probably wouldn't hurt to provide some computer SPECS as well. Alright, get back to us with the INFO, and we will try to help you.

I could be wrong, but this looks like a permissions issue.

The more I think about this, it seems like the app menu is trying to execute "/home/" as a command, rather than execute the "Use the file manager to open /home/" as the command.
Can you check your Preferred or Default Applications and ensure that your File Manager is set as the Default operation to open folders? Or if the issue is that no default FM is set, causing the app menu to fall back to trying to Run "/home/" instead of open it with (blank file manager)?

Your explanation sounds very plausible. When I check "Default Applications" under Settings it gets more interesting. There is no file manager category. All I get on my screen are: Web, Mail, Calendar, Music, Video, and Photos.

I have Nautilus and Dolphin on my taskbar when I need them, so I have never even tried accessing those locations from the Zorin menu. The error is of no consequence to me, but it is interesting.

In reply to StarTreker, this is Zorin Core.