Errors in end of instalation

When instaling zorin os when bar was on 3/4 screen webt black ant these erros stared showing up

Im am done something wrong?
Pc itself is modern in opposition to display(what had egnouth resolution)

This looks a lot like a corrupted .iso burn.
I would recommend re-downloading the .iso and check the md5sum
Then reburn using Rufus if on Windows or Popsicle, Unetbootin, Ventoy or other reliable burner if on Linux.

I think not iso but pendrive is broken because it had in its life some "adventures". But if instaling fail again(i try boot it second time now. Its sunrise in my location) i try downloading iso again and burn it on beter pendrive. Thanks.

try balena-etcher for flashing the iso to the pendrive

According to many posts on this forum, Balena-etcher would be the last app I would reccommend for burning an iso to pendrive.

@Aravisian SHA256 checksums are published by Zorin devs to allow verification of downloaded iso file, I don't know about md5sum being published.

Correct SHA256 checksums

  • Zorin OS 16.1 Core 64-bit: 2bc01d2553758c0637d786442c654a47ecba4c6368c91f503e09ab09f46e4dd4
  • Zorin OS 16.1 Lite 64-bit: c7ec8c78fc3a4116ce2695e5d07d88382440d7bb1f395e67ce1eaba358fdae41
  • Zorin OS 16.1 Pro 64-bit: 4ce7776b0513802f90425accd16606b73d2c844c48d5fbe339c71dfc8f9d7b5a
  • Zorin OS 16.1 Pro Lite 64-bit: 8915e3c446524ecc2486a438d6fe8380e9d0a8d09b8f90eebb8c4c5b90f582de
  • Zorin OS 16.1 Education 64-bit: a6f4ec594708d2926f0d32977859139f77a6ef1ec754031ad4d2123d8d7a4d67
  • Zorin OS 16.1 Education Lite 64-bit: f37e7f16eab82bbc7549ab139c287489d505cdff2ff2dac8554417845912758c
  • Zorin OS 15.3 Lite 32-bit: 95e4159ebb5b532932ade79cd0c439235e726dc30c8a00036820b7a96ee2f865
  • Zorin OS 15.3 Education Lite 32-bit: 0192fccb564238113070ffb0e095559ad0c29b67951d070ed5fd6bd8412ef92b

It was just pendrive i tried again witch that same iso and now everything is fine


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