Errors on Shutdown & Kernel Panic

Can you try (this command is to repair an apparent bug) :

sudo apt install --only-upgrade ubuntu-drivers-common

Then repeat:

sudo apt remove --purge '^nvidia-.*'

sudo ubuntu-drivers install

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Thanks. Will give it a go :wink:

Just for the record, I am using a 3060 card and the 535 gives me a lot of problems and both the 525 and 535 refuse to work at all on the 6.5 kernel.

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Still get the same result unfortunately. Will keep it on 525 for now. Hopefully there is a fix in the future.

I recall reading on the forum that one of the more stable kernels was 6.09 and that 6.1x + caused quite a few problems for people. I'm going to sort Tux out over the weekend and go for 6.09. Will let you know how I get on :wink:

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I fixed the nvidia error by upgrading the kernel :wink: Just need to figure out the "unable to unmout old root." From my research this doesn’t seem to major and is either related to old kernel or nvidia as well.

Yes, the Nvidia modules can cause it; often times purging the Nvidia drivers and reinstalling will remove that error.


Did a total purge again. Running the intel card causes no errors. Did a fresh install of nvidia and still receive unmount message for half a second. Looking at a few nvidia scripts to add to shutdown. It's nothing major. Thanks to your assistance with the ubuntu common drivers bug issue my box is running smoothly aside from the minor blip on shutdown. Appreciate all your assistance :pray:

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