Everything is slow , especially firefox!

Yes, all programs can have memory leaks and that continues to take up space over time. It's a good idea to let is rest after some time.

You may want to consider cleaning your computer from the inside, as well, accumulated dust and re-apply thermal paste to the processor, for good measure.

Give Thorium Browser a try, it even has a switch to save memory!:

Get it from here:

I've just started getting used to installing .deb packages in the terminal:

sudo dpkg -i [name of package]

Useful whilst playing with KDE Neon!

I've seen this one mentioned quite a bit lately, do you find it does provide something worth it? I haven't used any Chromium browser other than Brave for about a year now, and I'm quite happy overall.

i think my major issue is with firefox itself , i will try to get it fixed basically get firefox working fast as right now it is very laggy on initial boot for about 3-4 mins.

If my issue doesn't resolve then i might switch to some different browser

I would remove all search engines except for Wikipedia and Chambers dictionary, and go to https://mojeek.com and add it to Firefox and make it the default search engine. If you don't get the results you want, it offers other search engines such as Brave. I don't use any of the alternatives that Mojeek offer, just Brave.

Will try doing that , thanks !

Ugh the issue still exists , workaround i've been doing is not shutting down my laptop which i don't really mind but whenever i shutdown / restart and then open browser it takes about 3-5 mins to be properly usable again.
Btw all other things work great its just Firefox that's slow

Have you tried using FireFox ESR, instead?

But I use Firefox for everyday stuff, so I don't get why this is happening.

For a few months now, I've been experiencing something similar in Debian 12. When I launch Firefox, sometimes (around 10% of the time maybe?), nothing happens. I haven't checked if it does eventually popup after a few minutes however, so it may not be the same issue. Anyway, this is how I "fix" it:

  1. Find the process ID by running on terminal: ps -ef | grep firefox. There should be a single entry pointing to the executable, something like "/usr/bin/firefox" or similar. Take note of the second column.

  2. Kill the process with kill <process_id>. Sometimes I need to force it, sending a signal: kill -s SIGKILL <process_id>. This goes without saying... make sure you enter the correct process id!

  3. Re-launch Firefox, everything goes back to normal.

I wonder if by doing this I'm somehow making things worse, but I still don't even know what caused it in the first place. Other than this mild annoyance, Firefox works great for me so it seems to be safe to do so.
Again, this happens only sometimes to me, so this may not actually be the same issue.

is doing this safe / useful ?!

following this

Ugh should i just stop using firefox ?! [ i dont want to ]

Crashed like 2 times before i could finally write this
Got the firefox is not responding message like 3-5 times

This only happens on first boot not when i open it the 3rd / 4th time
I usually dont shut down / restart my laptop unless its regarding some update etc

My current laptop specs

Have you tested the Firefox .deb version

or a fork of Firefox?

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Will check it out, thanks !

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