Evolution Notification

Unread badge is not displayed on evolution in taskbar and notifications are not shown if client is closed, also no notification in notification bar even if client is open.

is there a way to resolve those issues ?

OS Version:Zorin 16 Pro

Good Morning Boffice,
Depending on if it's morning where you are...lol. Did you look under settings, applications, select Evolution and check to see if Notifications is toggled to the Right? Like in the screenshot below? I know I get a notification in the upper right when I have it closed and receive an email.

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Oh and.... Make sure you have the Do Not Disturb 'Off', and verify that Evolution is on (like in the 2 below screenshots).

Hope this helps. I'm OK with helping with the easy stuff...ha
There are others who can help you with the hard, technical things.



Thanks a lot for reply, currently it's night @ my place :smiley:
Yes i have notifications enabled, and do no disturb is off.
I am able to see notifications popup itself when client is open but they are not shown in notifications bar. (However notifications from other apps work just fine)

I also have notifications plugin enabled and configured inside Evolution Client.


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