Expanding Windows/Zorin partition

If I dualboot Windows and Zorin would it be easy to make windows or Zorin larger? how would I go about doing that?

That is a tricky one. If you have a desktop the easiest solution would be to install a second hard drive and dedicate that to Zorin. If a Notebook then you are limited to the single hard drive present. All you can do here is to use Windows built in Disk Management tool to shrink your C:\ drive first and install Zorin to the free space that Windows disk management calculates to be a safe reduction. I really wouldn't want to mess with resizing once you have done this as sometimes you can get mis-aligned sectors on the hard drive.


If I may, I had done a little guide on this that may help with your understanding Partitioning Demistified.

You may also want to read up on [HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16, as this will also apply with 17. The only difference is I would not install updates during installation.

As with any disk management, backup your data first, expect it to fail and plan on reinstalling everything. When it works without issue, you will be pleasantly surprised. Make sure to reboot after each operation during partitioning.


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