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Hello! Friends, greetings.
I have been a Zorin user for more than 6 years, after trying many right-handed I have loved Zorin, a while ago I published a pro situation that tried to update to the latest version and it has been a complete fiasco, I recently decided after 4 Years without formatting my machine and with so much information, I managed to decide, the situation is as follows and I would like to know the opinion of others who are already using it if they have encountered unusual situations, I do not know how to explain it but to give a review I am a developer of back-end and app in Flutter with Android Studio, and well my machine is not bad it is an i7 with 16 RAM and 256 SSD + 500GB HDD, in my previous version I never had any similar situation, as I repeat I don't know explain it but they give me strange failures, my machine has been blocked twice already, in strange ways, to compile my app it takes a long time something strange because it didn't happen to me. well I would like to know the opinion of others to see if it is because my machine adapts to us or what is happening. note: this is a translation.

Currently, the "Direct Upgrade" option is in development and not yet released.
We are aware that there are bad guides on the internet that claim you can Upgrade Zorin OS to the Next release easily. These guides are 100% false and will destroy your Zorin OS build.
We strongly advise that users do not attempt to follow these guides.

I had already reached out to the webpage administrator of one of these sites to ask them to remove the false information. They refused to do so. They know it is false. They want it to remain visible and follow-able. You can reach your own conclusions as to their motives... (Money).

To All Users:
Please DO NOT attempt to Upgrade Release until the ZorinGroup officially release a tool to do so.


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