Ext2, ext3, ext4?

During Zorin Core installation which file system is best to use for boot and home partition ext2, ext3 or ext4?

Is your system uefi or legacy bios? It's crucial to know when setting /boot up.
On uefi it should be fat32 /boot/efi around 500mb.
I'll go with ext4 with the rest.


I think the default is ext4, personally I wouldn't go with ext2 or ext3. I use btrfs for its copy on write.

See this explanation, but I'd stick with ext4 or try the newer btrfs.

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Are you installing on a SSD or HDD?
ext4 used to be avioided on SDD's as it is a journaling FS and harder on the drive, but that seems no longer a reason to avoid on modern SSD's.

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Ext2 is a non Journaling file system limited to 32 TB.

Ext3 is a Journaling file system limited to 32 TB.

Ext4 is a Journaling file system limited to 1 EB (exabyte).

All support individual files up to 2TB. So it comes down to preference. Since Zorin defaults to ext4, and has the largest size limit I would go with ext4, but it really is up to you.

What your asking is similar to requiring someone to pick a vehicle for you based on the type of gas and size of the tank. Any one of these would serve you well since you probably won't exceed the limitations of any of the file systems. It's a matter of preference and will ultimately have to be your decision.

I hope this helps.

Got my info here:

The ext4 FS should be aqequate in most cases. That is probably why it is offered as default.
I don't have a SSD, so was a no-brainer in my case.