Extensions in the Store [Zorin OS 16]

Yesterday I had installed Zorin OS 16 on my laptop.
I'm wondering why in the Software Store no more Shell Extensions.
Do I need activate a function or else?

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I think GNOME Tweak is still there - if that is what you were looking for.

No this is it not. In Zorin OS 15 yo can go in the Store to Extensions and then Shell Extensions. There were extensions from extensions.gnome.org.

I re-examined Software.

I think there is Extensions (search with a keyword "extension"):

Thats right there are extensions, but not more the extensions from extensions.gnome.org like Hot Edges or else.

Unfortunately I do not use any GNOME extension myself. I wonder if someone like @Aravisian or @Storm might have a better idea.

Same problem.
I do not use Gnome or the Extensions - for all the reasons you cited. My lack of experience would lead to more guesses.
Storm is quite adept with Gnome, however.

I can't say, I never used Zorin 15. I only use two external extensions on my system. One I install via apt/synaptic and one from the the extension site.

Ok am logged into gnome and opened Gnome-software. On the top header in previous versions of gnome-software, clicking the Menu Icon led to Software Repostitories, where you could enable org.gnome.extensions... This is missing in the latest Gnome-Software on Zorin oS 16. This is a gnome-software thing, not a Zorin thing.

Gnome-software version 3.38.
Found this:
Gnome removed it.
Why... am... I... Not.. Surprised. Gnome remove something? Noooo... couldn't be.

Further searching yields no workaround. You are still able to install gnome extensions by other means as before.
Now... I am getting out of Gnome Desktop...


Every time there is an article about GNOME update, the first question people ask is this: what did they remove this time?


until it looks like a minimalistic wm of some sort.

What ever happens I still love Gnome... for now :smiley:


Thanks for the research. <3

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