External hdd or usb disconnection issue


I am finding difficulties in unplugging or disconnecting external or usb drive from zorin....i might be wrong....so here's my explanation...

Everything's fine once the external or usb drive is plugged in. Issue arrives when i disconnect it...
I am using 1 tb external disk having 7 partitions.
From the small "Eject" symbol appearing in the menu, i have to individually disconnect each partition i.e 7 times inorder to unplug it from system.
Later, I found the 7 partition is still visible in file manager, but unmounted.
Just to verify this issue, i go to "Disks" utility and find the same issue, i.e the disk is not ejected completely, but unmounted...
Only when i select my 1 tb external disk(on left side), and click on the small "power" icon button (on top right side), which says "power of external disk", then only the external disk or usb is completed disconnected and can be safely removed.......Is this the correct method ?

Coming from Mac OS - there is an option to "Eject All" or "Eject" ( individual disk) which I find it more convenient...no need to visit disk utility to recheck, cuz partition is no longer visible in finder and is safe to remove the disk..

Coming from Windows OS - "Eject external disk", disconnects all partition and is no longer visible in file explorer, and is safe to remove the disk...

Pls correct me if am wrong !

Yes, that is normal. In Linux, each partition is mounted individually and has its own toggle even under the Disks utility. I understand this may be seen as inconvenient in your case since you have many partitions created but if you would misclick and accidentally unmount all of them, that would be even more annoying and inconvenient, and potentially disrupting.

However, you still have that option if you want to. Right-click on any of the mounted partitions and choose "Safely Remove Drive":


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cool..."safely remove drive" helped.... i didn't notice that...

i am using mint on my separate partition...so mint "Eject" top arrow icon, ejects all 7 partitions at one time, so i never came across "safely remove drive" hidden in the right-click menu, even though mint too has this feature..

Linux Mint uses the Nemo file manager by default, whereas ZorinOS Core uses Nautilus. They are similar because Nemo is based on Nautilus, much like ZorinOS is based on Ubuntu, but it's likely that the two projects decided to take different approaches to this particular feature.

EDIT: I just tried to do this with Nemo and it does in fact remove the entire drive, so it is dependent on the implementation of each file manager.

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