External monitor on my Razer Blade 15" Advanced with Zorin OS 16

Hi, First of all, I think it would be amazing if Zorin OS became a serious contender for everyone to replace Windows 11. It does need to be more user friendly or idiot-proof for all of society but maybe even making a closed-source version.

I have a problem when trying to change OS from Windows 11 to Zorin 16, basically, I have a Razer Blade 15" Advanced model with a 4K Asus 31" monitor attached via HDMI. I went into settings and display settings and chose my Asus as my main display, but even though my mouse seemed to work on my external display nothing else was showing.

So basically, my laptop display is NOT showing on my main monitor which is set to be the main display. Even when I try and drag my settings box over, it doesn't show just the mouse. Please help as I always use my external monitor in the house. This is preventing me from changing to Zorin 16 and forcing me to stay with Windows 11, I wanted the paid version but needed to make sure this core version worked before I fully committed and I have a problem.

Are you using an integrated graphics card or dedicated and integrated?
What graphics card are you using?

RTX 3070, I have already explained fully what my system is.

As you can imagine, the amount of time I have available can be very limited at times.
This means that it can be a lot easier on me to ask pointed questions rather than go all over the net looking up a persons individual specs.
This is especially true in that many people buy different configurations of Make / Model computers - adding RAM, swapping out components, etc. I have made that mistake before: Looked up standard specs and addressed the user based on that, only to later learn our trouble stemmed from them having a non-standard build.

I had a similar issue with the Nvidia 3060 on my machine - Due to how Nvidia Card is assembled in combination with how it is programmed.
I switched to using Display Port instead of HDMI and that solved the issue. Is this an option for you?

I think the RTX 3070 is a mobile GPU, so it's a laptop. I don't think I have ever seen a display port on a modern laptop

The O.P. may check his machine to know for sure:

The 3070 supports up to four displays via three DisplayPort 1.4a ports and one HDMI 2.1 port, with a maximum resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 at 60Hz

Use an HDMI or Thunderbolt to DisplayPort converter to connect an external monitor . Some Razer Blade models have a DisplayPort (DP) and will readily accept external monitors that require a DP. Note: HDMI ports require an Active Converter to run an external monitor.

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Not with my laptop. Razer Blade 15" advanced.

So why does this setup work perfectly well with Windows 11?

Did you not read what I posted?

Zorin is useless. Aravisian a moderator is just a dumb kid.

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Windows 11 is supported by a two trillion dollar company. It has good driver support due to Windows being the massive majority share of the market.
In spite of this; I noted this in your other thread.

Experiences with varied hardware can vary per the user.

I read what you posted and I can quote every bit of it here:

No where in this do you answer my question. Instead, you assume that I am intimately familiar with all computer specifications or you assume I will do your work for you.
I addressed this here:


Do not bite the hand that feeds you. I certainly understand that Microsoft has Paid employees to take any guff you dish out.
We are helpful volunteers.
Which means, simply put... If you opt to dish out guff, we can opt to not bother helping you.

Also, please refrain from making double or triple posts. The Edit function is useful for adding after-thoughts or clarification.

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