External setup

Hello guys , please can you help me with the following
1.can I run zorin on a external ssd and use as my main drive
2.will I be able to install any applicable on the external once I finish the installation
3.will I be able to use it on different computers
What I want is to have my operating system and my application on the external so that I just put it into any computer and use it their.so please if it is possible let me know .thank you

For the first two questions - yes. But for the third, no, I would not recommend that. Plugging the External Drive into a different Computer will have Different Hardware needing Different Drivers.

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But if it is just one pc it will work all rights like it was a internal drive

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Yes. If it is used on One PC, you should experience the same as if it was an internal disk. Though you may get a bit slower speeds, as it must push everything through the USB bottleneck.


Live distribution will working with all 3 points but if you want full installation then third point no because diffrent computer have a diffrent hardware and need diffrents drivers software. Here is some article

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