Externally mounted text files seen as "executable"

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I am a fairly new linux user. I am running Zorin OS and have mounted both pCloudDrive and OneDrive on my system. Whenever I double click on text files (or markdown files) I get a popup that says that the file is "executable" and asks me to either cancel, display, or run.

I do not know why this is happening. If anyone has any guidance on this I would love to hear it. I have used other distributions in the past (Pop!_Os, Ubuntu, etc.) and never had this problem.

BTW, it will allow me to "display" the file and then I can work on it. But, I would rather not have to deal with that pop up menu.


Right click on any file showing this prompt and then move to the Permissions tab. Uncheck the box for "...Exectuable" and this should halt those prompts.
You can also select the default application to launch with by right clicking and selecting "Open With other application" and then choosing which editor you want, and clicking "set as default" (in case this help,s too).

There is something in the files that indicate that they are executable in Linux. It could be hash tags, wording inside angle brackets, curly brackets, square brackets and even perinthesis. Zorin defaults to allowing scripts to be run in the home directory. By performing the above steps it will remove this function if you choose a program to set default application. Otherwise it will be per file, if you only edit the permissions on that file.

You can do it system wide by setting a default application to handle them either how aravisian offered or in the system settings, search for file extensions and add or change the application it uses there (I'm on kde so am no longer familiar with gnome settings).


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