Failed to allocate display engine core error

Hi Aravisian! I'm new at the forum and have started to use Zorin OS Pro 16 as my main operative system. My overall experience with it has been really good, but I'm having this suspension issue thing... I tried your solution but sadly it didn't work... Another user suggested to use Power Management application, were you could wake the system up by setting "Do nothing" when power button is pressed plus setting "suspend" when laptop lid is closed. After that if the laptop entered in suspension, you could wake the system up by pressing the power button... Sadly that didn't work for me neither...
After crashed, if I close the laptop lid and open it I got this message:

There's any way to solve this? I considered to be critical in a laptop.
Thank you in advice.

Another user recently posted a screenshot showing that same error. I will try to find that thread.

Websearch revealed this:

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Thank you so much guys for your prompt answer and help. Updating the Nvidia driver to the latest 495.44 version solved this (and other performance related issues) for me :slight_smile:

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