Failed Zorin OS install

I few days ago I attempted to fully install Zorin OS 16 Pro, on a Mac which has Monterey 12.4. While it was loading I saw a message that stated "failed installation...." but it continue until it got to the Zorin home screen. My wired keyboard was not recognized by by Zorin, I could get it to do nothing at all. So I power off the computer and start it up again, but only thing that comes up is a black screen with the lines starting with "dhd_bus_hostready : Read PCICMD reg: 0x0010006...grub> tl: dhd_wl_iotcl_cmd failed. cmd 263, ret -14, ifidx = 0...dhd_bus_start_phase2: SKU override fails, err=-14". There's more, TLR. So therefore, my Mac is completely useless. I cannot even do a command+R to force the mac into the MacOS Utility window. I downloaded MacOs from another Mac along with an installer, but the same wording above keeps showing up. I want to avoid going to Apple I simply have lost faith in them, I don't want them to fix it because besides restoring the OS what other unsuspecting software will get installed w/o my knowledge or permission. Any help or ideas?

Installing to a Mac may require a few more tweaks since Mac is proprietary and matches their Hardware directly to their OS.
Some need to use rEFInd.

Thanks so much! Wonderful resources. I will let you know of my outcome.

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