Failure to configure GRUB, boot repair not working


I can't install Zorin because I encountered the error 'failed to configure GRUB'. When I ran Boot Repair, I get the following error:

And my PC doesn't even support Secure Boot.

My PC is a Lenovo Ideapad S205

I wonder if it's my HDD that's causing the problem...

Resetting the CMOS jumper? I don't think my laptop has one of those, unless it's in a really hard to reach place.

And plus, last time I tried to reset the bios, my (other) PC turned unbootable.

Removing the CMOS battery should have the same effect. Only downside is you'd lose time and date on reinsertion. Had to replace CMOS battery in Dell Latitude E6500 recently. Great fun but managed it. It certainly solved issue of recognising new RAM that replaced old RAM. 8 Gb when previously only 2 Gb. Can you download BIOS updates to USB? That could be another reason.

That's what I did, but afterwards, my laptop's screen didn't turn on, and the camera LED was turned on permanently, but the fans were spinning as usual. I don't want to risk that happening and losing another laptop.

Fair enough. What about updating the BIOS?

My pc is about 11 years old, so I don't know if it's still supported bioswise, and plus updating the bios is a little gutsy. But it's worth giving it a try. My bios is Phoenix BIOS.

I think you will find that Phoenix now owns all BIOS's these days. Do a search for BIOS updates that pertain specifically for your model of PC/motherboard to find the answer to that question of whether or not updates are available.

OK, so I forgot I had a Super Grub2 CD-ROM lying around (I received when a bought an issue of Linux Magazine). I used that to boot into Zorin. Sorry if I wasted your time and thanks for trying to help.

No worries. Always happy when members are able to find their best solution. I'm always happy to help.

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