Fantastic OS

So far, I am very impressed with the interface and the stability of Zorin OS. I love both Zorin and Ubuntu Budgie, but Zorin is my preferred simply because of the sounds and animations. I honestly wish you guys were part of the OS team at Apple.

Furthermore, I look forward to more from this amazing OS. Wishing everyone more safety and security.

One hundred Thumbs Up!


Agree, Elementary was my favorite, but had some issues with the latest version and looked for an alternative. Found Zorin and it has definitely moved to the top of my list.

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I believe that was actually meant as a compliment.

Welcome psychologicalarm107 we're here if you need help :grinning:

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Yes, Stability is an advantage as well as presentation. I look for the little things that pivot me towards things. I was sold when I heard Sound. It actually looks and runs like an operating system.

Ha Ha. I like that. Often a weakness and something I have had to spend much time on.


Well keep at it honestly I make music for a living so Sound to me establishes presence. Even the YouTube Ad sticks out.

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