Feature Request: Date/Time too tiny for eyes

The time & date are tiny. The only workaround I know of is the Tweak's font scaling factor. But that doesn't work because the date is SO tiny, that making the date legible causes all the other windows become too huge.

There's no adjustment for the date font, so compromise in regard to SIZE is needed to make the time & date visible to all... The same probably applies to the System Menu next to it (where the network & audio icons are).


I second that.
I have the same problem.

Im not to sure does this work but you can try. Make sure you backup the file before making any edits.

So let's say I'm using the default ZorinBlue-Light theme. So I will edit the /usr/share/themes/ZorinBlue-Light/gnome-shell/gnome-shell.css with nano


So we type the following command in the blockquote into our terminal:

sudo nano /usr/share/themes/ZorinBlue-Light/gnome-shell/gnome-shell.css

We gonna add a line this line:

#panel .clock-display { font-size: 30pt; } <- You should be able to change '30' to something smaller or larger.

Then we are gonna reboot and test to see does it work :crossed_fingers:

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Gtg to bed now

HEH! Good call. IT WORKED.

I looked at the css and it made sense, so I gave it a try because I figured it wasn't messing with the inner workings of the system.

THANKS! It works very nicely.

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Are you on XFCE(Lite) or Gnome(Core)? @Aravisian said it wouldn't work in Gnome(Core).

I'm in Gnome.

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Great!!! Now we have a solution, maybe @FrenchPress gonna use :star2:magic moderator wand to make it a tutorial or smthg.

I have this problem too. So if you are using the Gnome DE you can use gnome extension as I do. I use showtime widget to show date and time on desktop


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I was using that "Showtime" Gnome extension, but this had two advantages: it wasn't an unneccesary waste of resources, but more importantly, I can see the time and date while I'm working. (With that gnome extension, the time/date information isn't on the taskbar, but on hidden on the desktop underneath whatever active window one might be working on). So I uninstalled the showtime extension and used the existing clock with the adjusted CSS.


Use what you like I guess

Of course it would not work in XFCE, as it does not use or access gnome-shell.css. What I said was, creating a gnome-shell.css in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/ would not work on Zorin OS and I do not know why, since it does work in Ubuntu. Several of us have tried.

Ow im sorry I meant by u said it wouldn't work in Gnome. I think in XFCE there is a setting for the clock. Sorry for asking dumb questions, I don't use XFCE so I didn't know.

Actually I encourage you to create your own Tutorial.

  1. Select "Tutorials & Guides" from the drop down list on the top left corner.
  2. Click on "+New Topic" on the top right corner.

I think you do not have to be a moderator to write tutorials.

Oh ok, I'll try to make one.

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You don't have to do that unless you want.

I would jokingly say, "I'm sorry I brought it up", but this really did solve a minor inconvenience.


Apparently gnome is selective regarding what can be modified by a .css file.

Go figure

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