Feature request: Show all boxes on taskbar other than primary monitor

I have already posted it on Github, but I would like to hear your opinions here.

Enabling Intellihide on multiple displays is convenient because the taskbar appears on the display with inactive windows, but it is inconvenient because some boxes appear only on the primary monitor.

In particular, the lack of display of Input Method degrades the experience of users whose language requires it.

I'm responding from smartphone in respect of input indicator. Please check out the following in Settings. Go to Region and Language and then click on the Options button. See if there is an option similar to "Show in Tray". If it does, please let me know as I will need to modify the unofficial manual for Zorin 15 as it looks like I omitted this in error.

Hmmm, I couldn't find a setting that looked like that.

What does the cog do in the background? Or is that what you selected to get that Window?

In Mozc, clicking on the cog opens that settings window, but I don't see any settings for the taskbar.

I'll have to boot up my VM later. Time for breakfast!

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OK. Found the 'solution'! You have to have more than one language installed before the language indicator shows:

Hmmm, it doesn't work, I want to show the indicator on both taskbars of the two displays.

Having searched for a solution, a post on ask ubuntu that got the most votes was this:


I got a third taskbar, but still only one input method indicator...

Perhaps add this?


As to your question I suspect a gnome design issue.

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It was not what I had imagined, but I have found it more useful to pop up an indicator as I type. Thanks.

PS: iBus has gone bad. That's a tough one.

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