Feature requests for next ver

Not sure if this is applicable to Zorin per se or only to utility developers, but would like to see more GUI-based capabilities added to the bundled Logs utility and the Fonts utility. At present you can’t do much besides viewing, whereas adding the ability to e.g. clean out old logs and/or unwanted non-Latin fonts without command-line struggles would be super helpful. Evidently logs can be cleaned with other 3rd party ware like Stacer, but why not build such capabilities into the Zorin array, or at least add as a snap to Zorin’s software repository? Seems like a no-brainer!


I agree… there are far too many fonts to scroll through to find the most suitable for your document. Deleting those that you KNOW you will never need, will save a lot of time… and be an improvement.

I would like to see a couple of bits added/modified for the next version too…

  1. A "Force Quit" added to "Add to panel". 

To control misbehaving/non working apps/programs.

  1. A proper " Delete" function, as per normal (?) deletion in other Linux distros . ( right click, on file/pic/item, function )

  2. A facility to add “icons” to folders/desktop apps that do not show a “proper” icon. ( usually via “properties” then drag the “icon” pic on to the app icon as shown )

  3. When using “Add to panel” items, to be added to the central part of the panel, instead of the far right end of panel.

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I think I must agree with you as I made sure to add all of these features to my own desktop after installing Zorin.
Except for the “add to center” part. I prefer my launchers to be on the far right.

Though, you may prefer Cairo-Dock for your own needs and tastes. It is highly configurable and I do mean highly. You can spend a week looking through all its options.