Feature suggestions

Hi, Zorin looks great. Some suggestions for enhancements:

  • ability to split the screen virtually so that window sizes can easily be maximized in a part of the screen (so that it immediately has the desired shape). This would be a simimilar feature as Windows' powertoys fancyzones.
  • ability to speed up mouse more as well as modify scrolling speed.

Many thanks

I'm not sure but I think this is available in gnome-tweaks.
You can search this app in software store or just run in terminal this command: sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Having a fast moving mouse is important to me also because I have a 4K monitor.

There is a speed control under Gnome settings, but may not be high enough for some users. However, most mice now come with DPI setting. If your mouse has a little top button on it, try click it.

A higher scroll speed would be nice, but doesn't seem to be available in Gnome.