Feedback about some hardware glitches

Hi guys,

Thanks for the wonderful distro.

I only wanted to mention few bugs/glitches I had after I installed the os.

  1. On boot one of my monitors starts flickering (Acer RG240Y). Even after I changed the frequency from 75Hz to 50Hz it still keeps flickering on user login screen. As well as the primary monitor is messed up on the login screen.
  2. I had an issue with connecting to the wifi. This helped me to solve this problem: networking - Intel Wireless AC 9462 not working w/ 18.04 LTS - Ask Ubuntu).

I hope it helps to make the os even better.

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Are you actively seeking help, or shall I move this to "feedback" section?

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Feedback please. I have not managed to fix the login screen yet, but I think I don't need help. Thanks again.

That does sound like a driver issue, could be a dm issue though,
1.) If you have intel or nvidia gpu/igpu try using the proprietary drivers, or going down 1 version to an older more stable version
2.) to change the dm, on the login screen try switching to wayland, login, reboot and see if that helps.

Wayland didn't help. Installing drivers is over-complicated on linux, and I have no idea how to do so. WiFi also stopped working. I guess the linux is not ready for normal users, so switching back to Windows. :slightly_frowning_face:

I hope Zorin automatically sent my error logs to you, so you can figure it out.
Will come back next year.

I think you need to be aware that hardware is primarily designed for that other OS. Drivers that normally are built into the Linux kernel have been written by volunteers reverse engineering to get hardware to be recognised and work. In terms of wifi issues you would be better investing in dedicated hardware:

Thanks for the advice.

By the way if someone interested, the graphic card was NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 with two monitors connected. And the wifi: Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9462.

I have the exact same Graphics Card in my machine (by Zotac - - dual monitors has never been a problem in ZorinOS 16, FerenOS (based on Ubuntu 18.04) and currently Devuan 3.1.1 (but I did have to downgrade from Devuan 4.0 as it would not pick up the second monitor). I am using a desktop and connect via PowerLine Adapters for solid network connection to the router.

for nvidia or intel you just goto other drivers, and select one, in Software & Updates, select the Drivers Tab, and you should see all available drivers for your Card. Mine shows none because I have an AMD rx580 card and the drivers are included in the kernel
Screenshot from 2023-01-28 17-35-18

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My Acer Predator G9 does do the same during boot, i dont think this is a issue (flickering at boot)

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That exactly. On every boot it resets the frequency to 75hz while this particular monitor supports only 50hz. So every time on boot I have to go to Display Settings and change it to 50hz. After applying changes the monitor stops flickering.

I guess the question would be: how to change display settings for login screen?

Surprised you are not using 59...

I would use xrandr to set your refresh rate as it writes it directly to the applicable configuration file, rather than to a home directory config.

Your CLI command would look like:

xrandr --output HDMI1 --mode 1920x1200 --rate 50

Your output may be different: use just the


command to show your output. Then use that in the command above.
Change the resolution in the command from what mine is to what yours is.

Installing graphics drivers is often very, very easy and not complicated at all. As you say you do not know how to do it, it therefor seems daunting and complicated.
It is usually as simplea s @seanhinkley posted here.

Otherwise it is as easy as on Windows- clicking a Self Installer Package or running One Single Command in CLI.


Is there any way to change display positions and primary monitor on login screen?

Sorry if I am re-asking, it is not in your profile:
Are you using Zorin Core, Lite, Pro, Pro-lite?

I am using Core

@fairking Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate you are using "Core". Thanks

Ok. I have solved all issues.

  1. By installing ZorinOS from scratch selecting NVIDIA version, not the regular one.
  2. By replacing my router's firmware with OpenWRT. Weird all other devices were able to connect without issues apart of ZorinOS. But I think that is not the Zorin issue but rather the driver issue.

Regarding the display settings on the login page, I simply went to "NVIDIA X Server Settings" app => "X Server Display Configuration" tab and applied settings.
I wish the same can be done on the Zorin's "Display Settings" page.

Thanks everyone for your help. That wasn't easy, but I did solve those issues.
:+1: :+1: :+1:


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