File app does not show on desktop

Do not know what I hit in my learning fumbling around but clicking on the Files icon on the taskbar shows the little time spinner but file (explorer) never pops up on the desktop. I can get to it a couple of other ways and it works fine when opened from an alternative method. Just not how its supposed to work.

I was having lockup - time out or frozen - issues earlier when I had unplugged a USB headphone set to see how my speakers sounded for a movie that I was playing. Unplugging the headset threw Zorin in a right fine tizzy. No Task manager to see what but I had time to wash my breakie dishes, take a shower & put the trash out before I came back. Just as I was going to press the power switch it came back to life… BUT the next two commands - mouse clicks - one to shut off the video player and one to reduce another window from full screen each took about 5 minutes to process. Then it was semi back to normal but clicking on the Files icon doesn’t pop the window open.

I run Process Explorer on my MS machines that lets me override and kill apps without resorting to killing everything with a power shutoff. Anything like that for Zorin?

Based on this and your post here (and subsequent one on that thread), your installation is damaged. I recommend a reinstall. Please also look at #1 & #2 here - I don’t know if these are related to your problems but they are good to be aware of.

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100% agree that a wipe and reinstall of the OS is in order- Also HIGHLY recommend Zorin Lite, Not Core. (Or if using Ultimate, Zorin Ultimate Lite).

Task manager in Zorin is called System Monitor. I also told you about xkill in the other thread. It is Much easier to kill processes and apps in Zorin… On any MS machine I use, if it gets to where you need to launch the T.M., the T.M. often takes a million years to load, and another million years for your Kill Order to go through.
With xkill, it operates independently of any bogging or slowdown and it kills the process Quickly.
I set a Keyboard Shortcut on mine- If you reinstall and go for ZorinLite, I can write up a walkthrough for you for setting up a keyboard shortcut.


I use Process Explorer on my Win machines. Runs from startup in background in the systray next to the clock. Rarely will it not kill any program or service I want to with just three clicks.

I have to go back to the other thread to try your suggestions.
Thank you for the help.

One thing I did not try was to restart the machine. DUH!

It locked up so no choice but hard shut off and upon start up it was OK. Boot up times are so long that I hate the thought of restarting it. Thanks for the suggestions.

Slow boot is, as above, almost always a sign of Graphics card looping.