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where can I find the questions I made in zorin forum? I keep searching for an old question that I made but can't find it

In your profile

and where exactly? I am looking for some time now and can't find them. I can see my activity but not just the questions I made

Your Profile >Activity> there you have all your post.

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You can also select topics instead of activity, to see threads you have started.

but do they get deleted after a certain time?

This forum has topics ( dating back to August 2020.

If you need to find topics from before then, check here:

This would lead me to believe that topics are not deleted after a certain time, even the older ones are still available in an archive. Although I'm no moderator so I cannot say for sure.

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No, topics are not deleted after a certain amount of time and the existing topics stretch all the way back to the foundation of the new forum.
However... Searching the forum has been shown troublesome, at least to me, on many occasions. Not necessarily at fault of the forum, but my inability to remember and tag enough keywords to really narrow the search.

Scrolling through existing topics, of which there can be so many, can also cause eyestrain and missing what you are looking for - which I have done dozens of times.
Due to this, I tend to use the bookmark function on posts or topics I suspect I will need to reference in future.

If you can outline which question you posted that you are looking for, maybe we can help you to search.

I also bookmark questions of other users.
I wanted to find my question on how to make a wallpaper slideshow. there was this app and I can't remember its name


I just ran a search by your posts using the @arianit08 qualifier for

  • wall
  • wallpaper
  • changer
  • dynamic
  • slideshow

and came up empty handed. I wonder if you thought about posting or started to post, but never completed the post. Or if it was posted on a different forum...
I then tried searching your user name for names of wallpaper changers...

  • komorebi
  • wallch
  • variety
  • shotwell

And nothing came up for those, either. Maybe one of those applications are the name you are looking for...

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I think it is variety what I am looking for. but I will take a look to those others too. thanks

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