Firefox Maximized.. Oh dear lord

Okay, so is anyone else dealing with the fact that now when you open FF it is maximized to start and does not remember the windows size you made it.. So tired..

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I feel your pain.

Firefox was my long-standing goto browser. But eventually, this very reason was the cause of my departure from default Firefox. I got so tired of it completely changing itself or its settings whenever it updated.
You know how you about:config and set up some customized settings... those changed too. Some would just vanish. Some moved to different flags.
I got fed up.
I wish I knew the solution to this one, I posted merely to commiserate.

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I hear ya.. you know I love linux.. I really really do.. i really really do. I think Zorin is on the right path. I do. After trying 39 different distro's I settled here cause it works.. However, these changes just screw up everything and what do we do, we deal. I really really wish i could develop and help and make a difference, but I don't have the knowledge. It either clicks or it doesn't. For some reason maybe since I am a DOS guy. This was not my path, but this distro has SO MUCH potential. I just don't think there are enough people working on it.

This could truly surpass any other distro as the best desktop. Unfortunately, the companies out there that could really help have no monetary reason to do so. It's a shame.

Why can't someone step up, contribute a 100m dollars to one company to change the world. I know if I had it. Zorin would be on speed dial.

A point... Firefox is not developed, maintained or changed by the ZorinGroup.
The issue is with the Firefox devs, not the Zorin devs.
Mozilla has been on a steady decline for a while - due in part to its changes in its behaviors.


Which happens I'm afraid when they get to greedy or to big and have way to many hands in the cookie jar and let the majority of their stockholders dictate the course of the company ..... when you operate solely on the bottom line you have lost your way ..... of coarse profit must be considered and it is a big consideration ...... but not the only consideration

What Zorin edition are you using? I don't see this problem on Zorin OS 16.1. Firefox opens in the same sized window as when it was last closed. The is true even after a restart.


Many Firefox problems are caused by profile corruption. However, rebuilding a profile is cumbersome, even when using Sync. This is a serious unsolved problem with Firefox.

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