Firefox not supported by

Silly question perhaps but opening in firefox (88.0) a message bar at the top tells me my browser is not supported and to change in order to log in and see rich content. So I click on supported browsers and lo! there is firefox among others. ???

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This may be caused by an installed FireFox Extension.

You might also try disabling hardware acceleration.

This issue can happen on a number of different websites.

You are using an old version of Firefox, the current one is 116 and the ESR is 102. I think the website checks your Firefox version, that is why you get this message.


Which version and edition of ZorinOS do you run. e.g. Z16.3 Pro, Core, Lite etc
Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate the edition you have.

How did you install that old Firefox ?

Solved by installing latest firefox version. thanks for replies!

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